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Enjoy every moment of your tours during many fair & festivals organises in Jaipur at different time of calender year.
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Fair and Festivals In Jaipur
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During Jaipur visit its fair and festivals are main attractions among tourist. many tourist plan jaipur tours during these festivals so that they can enjoy most of the time and can see rich culture and traditions of the city. here we will give brief introduction about the famous fair and festivals which are held in particular month of the calender.

Elephant Festival

This festivals is organised specially in jaipur on the eve of Holi and very well descorated elephants and main attractions are elephant polo. Elephants are decortaed with decorated clothes and jewellery and prizes are given for most decorated elephants and main attractions when holi is celebrated on the back of elephant. Many other cultural activity like folk dances, folk singing, horse race are organsied at this moment.

Kite Festival

This festivals is organised every year on 14th January on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. Kite flyer from many parts of the country comes are enjoy the moment various foreign tourist also participate in this fuctions. Prizes are distributed. Lots of fireworks also organises. During this festivals sky is full of kites.

Gangaur Festival

The idol of Issar & Gangaur are worshipped. This fair is very famous in Jaipur. Unmarried women carry the idols of Issar & gangaur on their head and walk through the colourful street of jaipur. Unmarried women pray for consort.

Teej Festival

This festivals is organised during July or August month of every year during monsoon season. Mariied women worship the lord Shiva & Parvati this day and pray for their happy and long married life. This idol is covered with canopy. & women sing folk song and dances on the arrivals of monsoon.

Donkey Festival

This one is the funniest festival. Donkey gathered at a place and owner of donkey decorate them and prizes are given for most decortaed donkey. Donkey race is also performed.

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