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Red Fort
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The Red Fort, with a circumference of over 2.2 kilometers, was built by the banks of the river, Yamuna in the 17th century. The fort is a delight to Red Fortone's imagination. Imagine the Naqqar Khana (Drum room) also called Naubat Khana (Welcome Room), where once drums loudly heralded the arrival of the emperor and the Diwan-e-Am (Hall of Public Audience) resounded with the incantations of the people. Amazing, isn't it?

There's more to see - Mumtaz Mahal, Rang Mahal (Palace of Colours), Khas Mahal (Emperor's Palace), Diwan-e Khas (Hall of Private Audience), the Hammam (bathing area) and Shah Burj. The fort has two main entrances - Delhi Gate and Lahore Gate. The latter get its name from the fact that it faces Lahore in Pakistan. A light and sound show recreates the history of Delhi and the Red Fort. Red fort in local language known as Lal Quilla & amazing architecture of mughal era.

Light & Sound show Timings at Red Fort Delhi ( A major attractions for tourist in evening )
  • Summer timing : Hindi - 7 pm to 8 pm, English - 8 pm to 9 pm
  • Winter timing : Hindi - 6 pm to 7 pm, English - 7 pm to 8 pm
Emperor Shah Jehan constructed the most splendid monument, the Red Fort in 1638 A.D. This colossal built in red sandstone is the largest of the Old Delhi’s monuments and is also known as Lal Quila. Book a tour to Red Fort Delhi It is girdled by a stone wall of about 2.4 Kilometers in circumference, and varies in height from 18m on the river edge and 33m to the city corner. The fort essentially reverberates the grandeur of the Mughals era and leaves many a visitor in stupefaction and breathless. The Mughal King Shah Jahan shifted his capital from Agra to Delhi, started the construction of the fort in 1639 which was completed in 1648, nine years after the king shifted to this city. The fort can be accessed by the two main entrances, the Delhi Gate and the Lahori Gate that leads to Chandni Chowk once the shopping hub of royal family.

Important Monuments within the Red Fort : -
The Fort also houses the Diwan-i-Am or the Hall of Public Audiences, where the Emperor would sit on a marbled paneled alcove, studded with gems, and hear complaints of the common people. The Diwan-i-Khas is the hall of Private Audiences, where the Emperor held private meetings. This hall is made of marble, and its centre-piece used to be the Peacock Throne, which was studded with rubies and gems and was carried away to Iran by Nadir Shah in 1739. Today, although the Diwan-i-Khas is only a pale shadow of its original glory, yet the verse of Amir Khusro " If there is Paradise on the face of earth, it is here, it is here, it is here" reminds us of its former glory.

The Rang Mahal or the 'Palace of Colours' as it is known, holds a spectacular Lotus shaped Red Fortfountain, made out of a single piece of marble, and housed the Emperor's wives and mistresses. The palace was decorated with excellent paintings, gold bordered projections, mosaics of mirrors and the ceiling was made with gold and silver which wonderfully reflected in a central pool in the marble floor. The other attractions enclosed within this monument are the hammams or the Royal Baths, the Shahi Burj, which used to be Shahjahan's private working area, and the Moti Masjid or the Pearl Mosque, built by Aurangzeb for his personal use.

Other Attractions In Red Fort Delhi : -
The Royal Baths or hammams, the Moti Masjid or the Pearl Mosque, built by Aurangzeb for his personal use, the Shahi Burj, which used to be Shahjahan's personal working area and The Rang Mahal retaining an amazing Lotus shaped fountain carved out of a single piece of marble also housed the Emperor's wives.

Best Time To Visit Red Fort Delhi
Peak season ( Best Time ) to visit Red fort in Delhi is from Mid July to Mid April as wether is pleasant ( Winter season ) but in summer temperature is too high and reaches upto 45-46 degree Celicus and not recommended to visit in day time you can visit in these three month during evening hours.
This one is must visit attractions during delhi tour so come & ebjoy trip to red fort delhi.

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